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More than dance, song and meditation. Place to take care of yourself playfully. It's ok to have fun.
More than dance, song and meditation. Place to take care of yourself playfully.
It's ok to have fun.
Jivia is a space where women and men do simple things without striving for the heights of the spirit. We learn to feel and be aware of ourselves in our own body, in every part of it, and enjoy it. In this state, we hear people better and perceive the surrounding reality. And change happens by itself.

This is the space of exploration, transformation and breaking all the rules how it should be. Here I invite you to explore the resources of our bodies that nature has endowed us with.

The ability to breathe, to move, to sing, to feel the rhythm and melody as a vibration around us and in our body, in our voice. This is how we learn to live our emotions and contain them in creative self-manifestation with pleasure and in the most environmentally friendly way for everyone.

What is jivia?

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Each person is a unique and complex being. Exploring what makes your heart sing can be the most exciting journeys you will ever take and I am delighted to accompany you.

Julia Lesnevska

Founder of Jivia

I am a Dance Instructor and Choreograph with over 20 years’ experience. Successful at working with adults, young adults as well as kids. On stage and theatrical dance production experience. Dance Culture and Philosophy promoter, International Festivals organiser and Dance show Producer. I’m also a singer and dance costumes designer.

Healing power of dance and voice can be applied at any situation in life. I was giving classes for women and teenagers in a prison and rehabilitation centres. Working with mentality and physically injured and abused. I always encourage participants to develop artistically and bring them from the offices on the stage. I believe and witness that self-expression in a safe space can change the whole life.

Since 2010 I have been involved in the world of Active meditations and Osho therapies trainings bringing all this experience in the Art of Performance.

Each new exploration allows me to see the amazing presence of love as an existential necessity. Love from a state of presence and stillness. Each new journey opens new dimensions in the space of my own heart. Indeed, sharing is receiving.
Dance coaching - Urban, Jazz, Contemporary, Oriental, Latino Social, Samba Brazil
Breast Care Program - Certificate with Dr. Taruna Sanjivani
Massage Classique - diplome, Massage School HP-Formation (Switzerland)
Pulsation Training - Bodywork Practitioner’s certificate with Aneesha Dillon
Osho Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy - Facilitator’s certificate with Sheela Anando and Adhiraj Plevris (Greece)
From Separation To Unity practitioner - with Kaifi (Greece)

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