"When a woman’s breasts become the centre of her being she becomes whole and healthy"
Ayurvedic body massage for women created by Dr. Taruna Sanjivani called Sahasi Breast Care ©.

According to Ayurveda, breasts are the positive pole of a woman and the centre of her wellbeing on the emotional and physical level, for her creativity and inner joy.

When we as women connect to our breasts, we can access this inner creativity, our sensuality, get a better feeling of our body and therefore gain more self confidence.

Sahasi Breast Care © is a therapeutic and very relaxing body massage. It is a gentle massage in which vital energy points (Marma points) are being stimulated, balancing our hormonal system and improving the lymphatic and the blood circulation. It also helps to release physical, mental and emotional toxins.

Sahasi Breast Care © has been created by Dr. Sanjivani Taruna MS. She created this massage as an inspiration by her master Kusum Modak based on ancient ayurvedic techniques. Being a medical surgeon, she brings a scientific understanding of the benefits of this technique. During the last 19 years she has been deepening the research and discoveries of breast care around the world.
Who is it for?
"When a woman's breasts become the centre of her being she becomes whole and healthy"
🌸 Breastcare massage is for all women above 18 years of age.

🌸 This massage is beneficial for all women who wish to connect with their femininity and nourish these qualities, to live a life filled with confidence and joy.

🌸 It can also be for any woman who is seeking a safe space to relax her body, her mind and emotions. You don‘t need to have a specific issue or be in a specific mood. You are welcome anytime as you are.
Women's health
Brings general wellbeing and improved health of the whole body
Increase awareness
Increases body awareness and your capacity to sense your own feminine body.
Balances the hormonal system, stimulates the lymphatic and the circulatory systems.
Unlock creativity
Helps you access your inner creativity, inner joy and increases self confidence
  • Imbalances in the menstrual cycle, premenstrual symptoms and premenopause symptoms.
  • As a preventive approach to breast cancer
  • Issues in the breasts (can help with fibrocysts, fibroadenomas, hyperplasia, tenderness in the breasts, etc.)
  • For rehabilitation after completing breast cancer treatment.
  • Through working on the hormonal balancing this massage can be supportive to conceive also.
  • To increase confidence and relaxation for the mother and baby during pregnancy
  • To support breast feeding by stimulating milk secretion, reestablishing flow for stagnant milk, therefore preventing infections or calcifications.
  • It can support on dealing with past emotional trauma (abortion, miscarriage, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, burnout, etc. )
What happens during a breastcare session?

It is a one hour massage that brings a feeling of openness and relaxation as we work on the back, the arms and the belly. We stimulate specific vital energy points for the feminine system and dedicate around 15 minutes working on the breasts and their supportive tissue. A short massage of the head and face will finalise the session.

What happens during a breastcare session?
It is a one hour massage that brings a feeling of openness and relaxation as we work on the back, the arms and the belly. We stimulate specific vital energy points for the feminine system and dedicate around 15 minutes working on the breasts and their supportive tissue. A short massage of the head and face will finalise the session.
This massage works as a therapeutic treatment and is especially effective when taken regularly within a shorter period of time.
Therefore I offer various packages:
90 min.
(includes personal talk, breastcare massage 60 min. and closure)
The first session lasts around 110 Min.
The extra time will be gifted.
120.- CHF
8 x breastcare session
90 min. each
valid within 1 year
800.- CHF
960.- CHF

*Mobile massage available at your location for an additional charge of 50 francs

You can surprise your loved ones with a massage voucher. Please send me a message with your order, your address and the name of the receiver. It will be sent to you by A-Post.

Would you like to come to a massage, but you can not afford it financially?
Please don’t hesitate to contact me

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My name is Julija Lesnevska

I am a certified massage therapist from Geneva since 2019, with over 20 years of experience in dance.

My dance background has given me a unique sensitivity towards the body, which I apply to my massages. I work with adults, focusing on holistic well-being and mind-body connection. My experience in meditation enriches my approach. Each new exploration reveals the incredible power of love and presence. Sharing, for me, means receiving.

I offer Sahasi breast care sessions and SELF Breastcare events.

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