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Every Thursday 20:00
Espace de Prévention la Côte, Nyon
CHf 30 per session
*Private 1 hour session is available for 1 person CHf 120 or for two people CHf 140
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CHf 30 per session
CHf 100 per course (4 sessions)


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Rue des Marchandises 17, 1260 Nyon
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Every Thursday, 18:15


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One of the methods of emotional release of the body is conscious dance. It is a method of self-exploration and personal growth in the form of joyful manifestation through the dance.

Unexpressed feelings and states that you do not give vent to over time settle in the body in the form of muscle crispation. Therefore, regular loosening of the body is necessary in order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the family and be effective at work.

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Reasons to Dance

Creativity and self-expression
Emotional release through movement
Liberation of the body and the mind
Dance relieves stress and anxiety

The Benefits of Practice

Harmonise your movements flow
Experience immediate results and spontaneity
Balance your emotions
Increase your body coordination and vitality

I am a Dance Instructor and Choreograph with over 20 years’ experience. Successful at working with adults, young adults as well as kids. I have stage and theatrical dance production experience. Dance Culture and Philosophy promoter, International Festivals organiser and Dance show Producer.

Healing power of dance can be applied to any situation in life. I was giving classes for women and teenagers in a prison and rehabilitation centres. I have experienced working with mentality and physically injured and abused people. That taught me to accept the reality as it is with patience and compassion.

I always encourage participants to develop artistically and bring them from the offices on the stage. I believe and witness that self-expression in a safe space can change the rhythm of the whole life.

Founder of Jivia

Julia Lesnevska


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