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Let the world Spin!
Every Wednesday 20:15 Geneva and Thursday 20:00 Nyon
CHf 30 per session
*Private 1 hour session is available for 1 person CHf 120 or for two people CHf 140
To book your private session please specify so in the sign up form
CHf 30 per session
CHf 100 per course ( 4 sessions)


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Time and Place

Every Wednesday 20h15 @ TMed, Geneva
Every Thursday 20h00 @ Espace Prévention la Côte, Nyon
Whirling Meditation is a form of physically active meditation which originated among certain Sufi groups. Spinning one’s body in repetitive circles, which has been seen as a symbolic imitation of planets in the Solar System orbiting the sun.

Sufi whirling practice also developed into a performance dance by non-Sufis. Whirling is also used as a form of stress relief.

When a small child suddenly starts spinning around, he simply feels great joy and delight, no one gives him any instructions.

What is Whirling Meditation?

physiological goal

The physiological goal of the whirling is for the dervish to “empty” himself of all distractions. Thousands of years of spiritual practises of different nations have developed a deep knowledge of the human mind and techniques that influence people.

When the other world pulls you in all directions, it is always a great opportunity to move your focus inward, get centred in yourself and from there to experience the richness of life in all its vast possibilities.

Using sufi meditation techniques, especially whirling, we move deeper towards our centre beyond space and mind. When body, mind and heart are united, a feeling of centeredness, openness and wholeness may arise.

The Benefits of Practice

Spinning or whirling is a basic and natural body movement and Sufi Whirling is one of the most unique meditation techniques. Regular practice will provide you:
Experience Sufi Whirling in a playful, non-dogmatic way
Find relaxation with what is happening for you
Meditate and dance with others
Connect to your joy and playfulness
Rest in the silence of your heart and cultivate trust in existence

Session’s programme

In the first stage we will use the breath and a series of coordinated body movements to open our body (30 min.)
The second stage - whirling by itself, with eyes open but not focused on anything particular.
(15 min.)
In the third silent stage the eyes are closed, lying down on the floor. The meditation is over when you hear three gong beats.
(15 min.)
First stage
Second stage
Third stage
The meditation lasts one hour and has three stages:
*Please arrive 10 minutes early for every class
Sufi whirling woman
My introduction to the practice of whirling took place in India in 2017. The next year I went to Israel Shiitim desert for an outdoor Sufi festival.

Then, after regular whirling, I was amazed at the processes that spontaneously occur during whirling. Since then, spinning has become an independent direction in my dance art.

What in dance for me was always a manifestation of "outward", suddenly became a manifestation inward.

meditation facilitator

Julia Lesnevska

Frequently asked questions

I have never taken whirling classes before. Is the course beginners friendly?
It is totally doable. The dance is a dynamic way to both workout and to meditate in the same breath. It is simple, progressive and enjoyable. Our body is our vehicle on the spiritual path.
Why do Whirling practitioners not get dizzy?
There are three pieces which balance the system. The eyes, deep sense, the inner ear, and the brain are responsible for providing the balance… Movements during the “sema” their wearings, inner peace, their diet prevent the emergence of dizziness, nausea and imbalance sense during the praytice.
Do I need special clothes to practise whirling?
We want to be comfortable, which means wear something that you can easily move in. Yoga or workout pants, sports bra, fitted tank top, or fitted t-shirt are best. Leather slippers, foot undies, or socks are all acceptable foot attire, no street shoes in the studio. The class can be rigorous so water is highly encouraged.
Sufi skirts are encouraged, not required.
Are there any restrictions to participate?
There are none!!! All shapes, sizes, ages and tenders are welcome! 
What languages are spoken?
Latvian speaking instructor
How big is the group?
There are limitations up to 10 persons. A group like this allows us to create a safe and comfy space together.
I have paid for the whole course but cannot attend one of the sessions, do I lose my money?
No, won't lose your money. If you have missed one or more sessions you can attend missed classes during the next course. All you have to do is contact us and reserve your place for next month.
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